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About us: The Access Lawyer Network Difference


You Should NOT Hire Another Law Firm

Before Having A Free Phone Consultation

with an Access Lawyer Network Attorney

  1. Get a FREE second legal opinion with possible additional ideas and strategies

(What do you have to lose?)

  1. Get a FREE quote for the most affordable legal services

(40-60% savings over typical attorneys)

  1. Initial payments as low as $400.00; payment plans as low as $150/mo.

(Why pay more for high-quality representation?)

  1. Learn more about various limited-scope legal service options, including low-cost, flat-fee services.

(Limited-Scope Legal Services = Saving $$$)

  1. As a client, you will have full access to our first-rate client portal.

(Messaging, sharing documents, calendar & more).

  1. As a client, you will have AMAZING easy-access to your Primary Care Attorney!

(Unlimited scheduled-phone calls and online messaging in the client portal)

  1. As a client, you will have guaranteed easy access to our friendly and helpful staff.

(Phone extension with direct-access, plus client-portal messaging)

  1. As a client, we keep you regularly updated on your case.

(We update you in the client portal every step of the way)

  1. We provide first-rate, caring, experienced attorneys who are on your side!

(Why pay more for high-quality attorneys?)

  1. Our goal is to meet your goals -- as effectively and cost-efficiently as possible.

(We win when you win!)