My Initial Engagement with Access Legal Care is complete; How can I get additional assistance?

September 23, 2015 - Categories: Legal Articles

While many of our clients only need a single legal service that they pay for once and we then complete, others want additional assistance, either in a self-help capacity, or with full-representation. The options for additional assistance are as follows.

Continued Self-Help Limited Scope Representation or Assistance

If needed, additional self-help Pro Per attorney support is available for an additional $370 up-front, which provides up to two hours of Attorney advice and/or services at $185 per hour, billed in 3-minute increments. When that $370 runs out, the client can pay another $370 for another two hours of assistance, and so on.

With this plan, there are no automatic monthly withdrawals from a bank account, you pay-as-you-go, and you can cancel at any time without any future payments owed.

Full-Representation Services

Full representation is available for clients who need the attorney to conduct negotiations, communicate with opposing counsel, and make court appearances. Full representation for Civil Matters generally costs an additional $750-$1250 up-front, and then a $90 per week payment plan (automatically withdrawn from the client's bank account, not credit card) until all fees are paid (Criminal matters are higher).

Your initial payment and all monthly deposits go directly into a Trust Account in your name, and we apply those deposits towards our actual fees of $185 per hour and $450 per non-evidentiary hearing. Once the case is cover, any surplus is refunded to the client. If there is a deficit, the client can either stay on the $90/week plan, or they can pay the full balance owed within 30 days for a 30% discount off the balance.

With this service, you must fill out and return a "Full Representation Payment Agreement," and we will make monthly automatic withdrawals from a valid bank account (not debit/credit card) until all fees are paid, even if the case is completed.