Free Credit Repair Services Involving Chapter 13 and Illegal Credit Report Damage by Mortgage Companies

December 31, 2020 - Categories: News

If you or someone you know has gone or is going through a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you need to know that many mortgage lenders and servicers are damaging the homeowner’s credit reports illegally.    

Many of the large lenders and servicers are removing the balances due from homeowner’s credit reports and sometimes reporting that the account is closed.  This is misleading and hurts one’s credit score.  

Timely-made payments make up to 35% of a FICO credit score.  Without a balance being reported on a tradeline, the lender has no way to credit the homeowner for timely-made payments.  

Hence, in a Chapter 13,  when a lender reports a $0 balance and/or the account as “closed,” even when the account is open and the homeowner is making payments under or even outside the plan, it is hurting that person’s chances to get a fresh start.


Our firm fixes credit reports for errors and mistakes at no out-of-pocket charge to you. This is just one kind of mistake that we see often on people’s credit reports who have filed for a Chapter 13.  

If you or someone you know has filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and is a homeowner, we will review the homeowner’s credit report for free, and you will be glad we did. If we can find a mistake such as a lender not reporting a balance due on a mortgage, we will fix it for free.  If we have to litigate, it will cost you or your loved one nothing out of pocket.  In fact, we will likely be able to obtain $1,000 or more in damages.

Access Legal Care works with credit-repair law firms to provide these services for free. If interested, please schedule a free phone consultation at: