How to Affordably Resolve Disputes with an Attorney Demand Letter

October 22, 2021 - Categories: Legal Articles

At some point in our lives, we’re going to run into a problem that can’t be solved by talking or negotiation. 

Sometimes, this happens in your personal life. Maybe you have an argument or disagreement with a neighbor. Or maybe you have an issue with your child’s school or sports team, or maybe you have a problem you can’t resolve with a family member. 

Other times, this might happen in your professional life. Maybe someone owes your small business money and won’t pay, or you have a disagreement with a client or supplier. 

Whatever it is, having serious disputes like this that aren’t resolved can be stressful. At some point, you’re going to start looking for options to get it all figured out. You might consider small claims court, mediation or even suing the other person or organization. Before you do any of those things though, you should consider an attorney demand letter. 

What Is an Attorney Demand Letter?
An attorney demand letter is a letter that is drafted and sent by an attorney, outlining the problem, and your desired outcome. It will usually also detail what further action you will take (if any) if the issue is not resolved. 
Very often, just receiving a letter from an attorney is enough to kick start stalled negotiations, or to get the result you want. 

Why Is This a Good Place to Start?
There are several reasons why an attorney demand letter is a good place to start. 
First, it’s a lot cheaper to have an attorney write a letter on your behalf than it is to take any case to court. Even small claims courts have filing and other fees, that you will have to pay before you can even start the process. Higher courts cost even more, and then there are also attorney fees and other costs to consider. 
Second, there is time. The legal system is many things, but fast is not one of them. If you take a case to court, you can expect to wait months or even years to get any kind of result, which is not ideal! A letter from an attorney might help you to avoid the whole process. 
It’s relatively quick and easy to get a letter from an attorney too. You’ll need to have a consultation, provide the details of the dispute and your desired resolution, and a few more details. Then the letter will be drafted and sent, and hopefully, you’ll be on your way to resolving the problem. 
Although this is the general rule in most states, the specific laws of how this topic is dealt within in each state vary; therefore, we strongly recommend scheduling a free phone consultation with one our local in-network affordable attorneys for advice on how this topic applies to your given legal situation, in your particular state.

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