What NOT to do when Getting Divorced

March 24, 2016 - Categories: Legal Articles

What NOT to do when Getting DivorcedMost couples who are facing divorce want to make the process as painless as they can. However, even with good intentions, divorces often don’t work out that way. Since emotions tend to run high, your ex will likely do all he or she can to annoy you. Below are a few suggestions on what NOT to do during your divorce case:

  • Check out. While it may be tempting to shut down and avoid the anger, frustration and sadness you fell about your divorce, you cannot ignore your spouse. Refusing to communicate will only make things worse, particularly if you have minor children. In fact, refusing to respond to texts, calls or emails often hurts your children as much as it does your ex-spouse. Additionally, checking out of your divorce case will only make your attorney’s fees go up because the lawyers will be forced to get involved to resolve minor issues.
  • Pinch pennies. It is important to protect yourself financially in your divorce, but you should not fight over every small thing, especially when it comes to paying for expenses related to your children. Both parents have the responsibility to provide for their children, so choose your battles wisely.
  • Argue in front of your kids. All parents say that their children are their top priority, but they can’t help themselves when it comes to how they behave toward the other parent even when the kids are watching. Divorce is tough enough on your children without having to be a witness to their parent’s fights. Remember, how you act during the divorce will be something your children remember forever.
  • Run up attorney’s fees. Couples who fight over every small detail as a way to “get back” at their ex will end up with extremely high attorney’s fees. Trying to be objective and focused on your children’s best interests will pay-off. Nobody wants to spend money paying lawyers when they could use that money to benefit their family and their future.

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