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Access Legal Care Fee Schedule

Access Legal Care Fee Schedule

Access Legal Care charges the following fees, and has the following payment plans:


(No appearances in court or discussions with opposing attorney)

    • First Set Docs + 30 days advice: $150 - $1250 (AVERAGE = $500).
      • Includes 30 days of legal advice via online messaging.
      • Advice via phone or in-person is extra (see below)
    • Additional Sets: $150 - $500 (AVERAGE = $250)

  • FILE DOCUMENTS: Court Fees plus $100:
    • $50 additional to expedite faster than 14 days.
    • Includes coordinating signatures, printing, postage, parking, etc. 

    • $50 via e-file, 1st class mail
    • $75 by cert mail;
    • $150 in-person process service.
    • $100 additional, plus costs of re-service (above), if we must get motion and order for alternative forms of service.
    • $50 additional to expedite faster than 14 days.

    • 30 days included with initial document preparation services.
    • $185 per month for limited-scope representation
    • $285 per month for full-representation

    • $50 per phone call (up to 30 mins);
    • $100 per in-person meeting (up to 60 mins). 

PROBATE ADMINISTRATION (after filing initial docs)

PAYMENT PLAN REQUIRED: All probate administration cases require a payment plan, with all payments AUTOMATICALLY withdrawn from a valid BANK ACCOUNT (not credit/debit card) of:

  • $750 First Month +
  • $25 per week until probate closes (starting 2nd month) +
    • automatically withdrawn from bank account
    • this covers online advice and case administration.
  • Plus Actual costs listed above for document prep, filing, serving, etc.


(includes all of above services plus representation in court and discussing case with opposing attorney)

PAYMENT PLAN REQUIRED: All full-representation cases require a payment plan, with all payments AUTOMATICALLY withdrawn from a valid BANK ACCOUNT (not credit/debit card) of:

  • $750-$1500 Initial retainer
  • $90 per week (automatically withdrawn from bank account)
  • If case goes to trial:
    • Weekly payment doubles to $180 per week.
    • Hourly rate for all work at $185 per hour.

All payments from Payment Plan are deposited into Client's Trust Account, and are applied towards ACTUAL PAYMENTS (see below). Any over-payments will be refunded. If payments do not cover actual fees earned/charged, the $90 weekly payment plan will continue until all fees are paid.

Excluded from payment plans (additional up-front payments required if and when these services are needed):

  • * Additional client-initiated motions
  • **Case Expenses over $15.00 per month
  • *** Trial Deposit of $1500.00

ACTUAL FEES (these will be paid from the Payment Plan Trust funds).

  • $450 per hearing, up to 3.5 hrs ($150/hr for addl time)
  • $285 per month = unlimited legal advice, discussion with opp atty/party, and admin support
  • $185 per hour for everything else (e.g. doc prep, prep for hearings/trials, etc)


*Extra Motion Fees: Extra deposits for additional motions

On full-representation cases, in addition to the initial complaint or motion, a client or opposing party may want to file one or more additional motions throughout the case. For example, a motion for violation of orders; a motion for temporary child support or spousal support; a motion for attorney's fees; etc. These motions, which are typically optional for the party filing them, create significantly more legal fees very quickly, because every motion requires paperwork, filing, filing fees, and a hearing.
Therefore, we simply require an additional "Motion Fee" deposit of $520.00, separate from and outside the weekly payment plan, because these additional motions are not included in the flat-rate that we gave you for the case.
**Case Expenses over $15.00 per month
In addition to our legal fees, a case may require the payment of fees to third parties, or out-of-pocket expenses. Transcripts, for example, can easily cost over $200. A client rarely needs transcripts in any case. But if they are needed, and if we must pay a 3rd party, then that is something that the client will have to pre-pay for.

Likewise, if discovery costs like subpoena fees, or depositions, etc (again, if needed; they are rare for most cases) are incurred, we can't simply pay for those out your trust account, because that means that we can't pay ourselves for our actual legal fees.
There is no set rate for those things. We will always communicate if and when they arise; many of them are completely optional, at your choice, and are merely strategic options.

Finally, if there are copy costs or postage costs over $15 each in any given month, then we would need pre-payment for those. It is rare, but if we must buy binders and print hundreds of pages of color exhibits for a trial, we cannot afford to take those expenses out of your weekly payment plan.
Therefore, we require payment for those up front, separate from the weekly payment plan.

*** Trial Deposit of $1500.00

If you decide to go to trial, and have not settled/concluded the case at least 45 days prior to trial, then you will be required to pay a minimum $1500 deposit towards actual trial costs, and the remaining trial costs will be paid through your payment plan.
These activities include, but are not limited to, trial brief preparation and filing, witness and exhibit preparation, subpoena's of witnesses to appear at trial, discussions with client in the 30 days prior to trial, the actual time spent in court on trial days, and the preparation of the final trial order and any other post-trial orders or documents.
The total trial costs will be a minimum of $1500.00, but may be several thousands of dollars, depending on your case. 
The trial-fee deposit will be automatically withdrawn from a valid bank account as follows:
  • $500 45 days prior to trial.
  • $500 30 days prior to trial.
  • $500 15 days prior to trial.