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February 13, 2013 - Categories: News


2013 Louis M. Brown Award Granted to Firm for Providing Affordable Services Program

Redford, MICH – February 11, 2013 – Attorney and founder of law firm Access Legal Care, PLLC, Bert Whitehead IV, MBA, JD, has just been honored by the American Bar Association. On Friday, February 8, 2013, he was presented with the prestigious Louis M. Brown award by the American Bar Association (ABA) Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services in Dallas, Texas. This is the first Michigan organization to receive the distinguished award in its’ 18-year existence.

Says Mr. Whitehead, “I am honored that the American Bar Association has recognized Access Legal Care for this award. Five years ago, God gave me the vision to provide profitable and affordable legal care to lower- and middle-income people. Over the years, He has equipped me for this purpose, and He is now bringing it to pass. To God be all the glory, through Jesus Christ my Lord.”

The Louis M. Brown Award recognizes programs and projects that employ innovative means to enable affordable access to legal services for those of moderate income, who do not qualify for legal aid yet lack the discretionary funds to pay the traditional costs of legal services. Access Legal Care has effectively enacted a program through their Access Legal System model to aid clients in need.

Whitehead based many aspects of the Access Legal System model on what he learned from his father, Bert Whitehead III, MBA, JD, who developed the “Cambridge System.” This included the development and success of his father’s fee-only tax and financial planning companies, Cambridge Connection and Cambridge Advisors. There are now over 200 “Cambridge Advisors” who use Bert III’s “Cambridge System” to provide comprehensive, holistic fee-only financial services to middle-income Americans. Likewise, Bert IV is using his “Access Legal System” to provide affordable legal care to lower/moderate-income Americans.

Whitehead's experiences working with his father's firm and with several other companies, combined with his strong educational accomplishments, prepared him to develop a unique business model for legal services delivery. Whitehead earned his B.A. in Management & Organizational Development from Spring Arbor Christian University, his MBA with Six Sigma Emphasis from the Ken Blanchard School of Business at Grand Canyon University, and his Law Degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

“Thomas M. Cooley Law School is very proud of Bert and Access Legal Care for tackling the problem of providing affordable legal services to persons of limited means who otherwise would not have access to those services. His innovative combination of business systems, technology, and law provide a national model for others to follow, and we are proud that one of our graduates, just two years out of law school, and his law firm have received this prestigious award,” stated Associate Dean John Nussbaumer of Cooley Law.

While attending Cooley Law School, Whitehead applied his business, process, and technology experience and education to his new-found knowledge of the legal profession and developed the Access Legal System, a method of “12 key components.”

The success of this system – in providing legal advice and affordable legal care – is now recognized by this prestigious ABA award.

Contact: Bert Whitehead IV, MBA, JD, President, Founder, Member of Access Legal Care, PLLC: 313-437-3704 or

About Access Legal Care:

The law firm was founded in May 2011. While in one central location, the firm provides advice, legal services, and in-person representation to clients in all Michigan counties. The firm is more affordable than most as fees are typically 40-60% less than the industry average. These results are possible through the “Access Legal System.” For more information, visit their website:

About the Access Legal System:

The Access Legal Care “system” is based on 12 key components: 1) be profitable for the attorneys and legal-services providers; 2) apply the Pareto principle — focus on the 20% of all legal services that 80% of lower- and moderate- income people will likely ever need; then prune/refer-out those that are high-complexity/high-dollar (too risky) and contingency cases (already affordable); 3) process-map the remaining services into individual steps; 4) functionally-decompose each process step to the lowest-cost provider who can perform the step legally and with excellence; 5) streamline processes with Six Sigma and manufacturing principles; 6) centralize operations for economies of scale; 7) collaborate and out-source to expand reach; 8) leverage technology to minimize costs and maximize productivity; 9) make affordable with both terms and price; 10) generate high demand, high-volume; 11) develop multiple revenue streams; and 12) package up the system and re-sell it to other law firms and clinics. The result is a comprehensive system of people, processes, and technologies that enable Access Legal Care (and ultimately other solos and general practitioners) to profitably and affordably provide affordable legal services to lower- and moderate- income Americans.

Our firm was born of necessity – the legal industry hasn’t evolved to meet the needs of modern legal consumers. Recognizing this, Attorney Bert Whitehead IV, JD, MBA, started Access Legal Care, PLLC. His goal? Provide top-tier legal services, with improved customer service, for 40-60% less costs than the average Michigan and Illinois law firm. We focus on areas of law that the average individual may need over his or her lifetime – family law, bankruptcy, simple estate and probate, landlord tenant issues, civil litigation, and assisting pro per litigants, among others. Learn more about the services we offer her



                   10 BEST 2016 CLIENT SATISFACTION

Bert Tiger Whitehead Has Been Nominated and Accepted as 2016 AIOFLA’S 10 Best in Michigan For Client Satisfaction

The American Institute of Family Law Attorneys has recognized the exceptional performance of Michigan’s Family Law Attorney Bert Tiger Whitehead as 2016 10 Best Family Law Attorney for Client Satisfaction.

The American Institute of Family Law Attorneys is a third-party attorney rating organization that publishes an annual list of the Top 10 Family Law Attorneys in each state. Attorneys who are selected to the "10 Best" list must pass AIOFLA's rigorous selection process, which is based on client and/or peer nominations, thorough research, and AIOFLA’s independent evaluation. AIOFLA's annual list was created to be used as a resource for clients during the attorney selection process.

One of the most significant aspects of the selection process involves attorneys' relationships and reputation among his or her clients. As clients should be an attorney's top priority, AIOFLA places the utmost emphasis on selecting lawyers who have achieved significant success in the field of Family Law without sacrificing the service and support they provide. Selection criteria therefore focus on attorneys who demonstrate the highest standards of Client Satisfaction.
We congratulate Bert Tiger Whitehead on this achievement and we are honored to have him as a 2016 AIOFLA Member.

You can contact Bert Tiger Whitehead directly at 855-437-3704

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