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Bankruptcy & Debtor's Attorney

NOTE: We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. All services or benefits associated with our bankruptcy services are with respect to bankruptcy relief under 11 USC § 528.

We pride ourselves on offering quality debt/credit-related services with fees that are, on average, 40-60% lower than other firms. We have low initial retainers for bankruptcy cases, and low overall costs that include the filing fee.

Our team of local Michigan lawyers is here to assist you with the following bankruptcy and related matters:


Are you considering filing bankruptcy?

If so, please contact us to schedule a free bankruptcy consultation.

We have a low flat-rate fee for basic Chapter 7 bankruptcies, including the filing fees, with a very low initial retainer and then a payment plan for the rest. Chapter 13 bankruptcies start at the same rates, but then include an additional monthly amount from your payment plan to the court. Our team of local Michigan and Illinois lawyers is standing by to assist you with:

  • Bankruptcy advice
  • Gathering information required for bankruptcy
  • Completing bankruptcy application
  • Filing documents with the court
  • Scheduling the 341 Creditor hearing

Two financial management courses are also required – we include the costs of those courses within our low-flat fees.


Have you been sued by a creditor? Our Michigan & Illinois litigation attorneys are ready to help. Please contact us for a free creditor lawsuit consultation.

With an affordable initial retainer, our experienced creditor lawsuit attorneys can assist with:

  • Legal advice related to your creditor lawsuit
  • Consultations
  • Developing defenses to your creditor lawsuit
  • Preparing an Answer and filing with the court 

The initial response to a creditor lawsuit does not require any additional court filing fees. Representation at hearings, if required, requires full representation for an additional low advance-fee deposit and a monthly payment plan.


If you are a creditor, our Michigan & Illinois garnishment and lien attorneys can assist you with recovering from debtors through the use of garnishments and liens. Please contact us for a free consultation. 

For a low initial retainer, our experienced local attorneys can assist you with:

  • Private Investigation of person for current addresses (for proper service)
  • Preparing and serving order to debtor to appear in court to give info (social security numbers, bank accounts, assets, employment info)
  • Attending debtor hearing to get the above information
  • Preparing garnishment or lien paperwork and filing with the court