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Who We Are

Access Legal Care was born of necessity – the legal industry hasn’t evolved to meet the needs of modern legal consumers. Recognizing this, Attorney Bert Whitehead IV, JD, MBA, started Access Legal Care in Michigan, and then expanded to other states.

His goal? Provide top-tier legal services, with improved customer service, for 40-60% less costs than the average law firm. We focus on areas of law that the average individual may need over his or her lifetime – family law, bankruptcy, estate and probate, landlord tenant issues, criminal law, civil litigation, and assisting pro per litigants, among others. 


Our Primary Care Attorneys are always high-quality, licensed attorneys in the states in which serve clients. When necessary and possible, we also attempt to find and work with qualified, affordable, independent attorneys in your county to provide local support and representation at hearings for your matter.

Our system of qualified legal counselors, streamlined processes, and extensive use of technology allows us to maximize client satisfaction, provide excellent representation, and minimize costs.

Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our primary care attorneys. 


Access Legal Care uses highly-rated attorneys throughout the United States of America. Our President is an attorney, Bert Tiger Whitehead. All of our attorneys provide you with the best possible service and representation.

Bert Tiger Whitehead

Bert Tiger Whitehead

Bert Whitehead IV - Super Lawyer
Avvo 9.8 rating


Since our founding in 2011, Access Legal Care has helped thousands of individuals with free phone consultations and affordable legal services that are carefully tailored to individual needs.

In 2013, we were proud to receive the American Bar Association’s Louis M. Brown Legal Access Award, which recognizes innovative programs that provide legal care to those who do not qualify for or do not desire legal aid, but lack the discretionary funds to pay the traditional costs of legal services.

Here are just a few examples of how we promote efficiency, strive for client satisfaction, and ensure affordability:



  • Retainers of $2500-$5000
  • Retainers or initial fees at 40-60% less cost
  • Generally no payment plans
  • Payment plan for both Initial fee and remainder of case. 
  • Majority of billing based on “billable hours model”
  • Flat fees whenever possible
  • Clients often complain of little communication – and the high costs of letters and telephone calls
  • Provide constant access to documents, case calendars, and status updates at no additional charge using our client portal, online phone scheduling, and more.
  • Bill hourly to attend hearings, including driving time
  • Hearings are usually charged on a flat-rate basis, regardless of location
  • Bill on minimum 6 minute increments
  • When billing hourly at all (rarely), we bill on minimum 3 minute increments
  • “One size fits all” approach to similar matters
  • Work closely with clients to provide only the amount of services and representation they need and can afford
  • No fee caps mean billing surprises
  • Fee caps on some services encourage efficiency and allow clients to budget properly from the time a case is opened
  • Pass high administrative costs onto clients
  • Minimize administrative cost through the use of processes whenever possible
  • Full representation Only
  • BOTH Full-Representation AND Limited-Scope Options, including assisting clients with self-help during their legal matter.